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Infant and Toddler Care



Toddler Care

The curriculum provides basic methods that we believe nurture children's learning between the ages of 15 months to 3 years old.


Each day is filled with teacher guided open play time, as the toddlers learn how to interact with one another and the materials around them.


We provide activities in the following areas:


Art - Drawing - Painting - Clay

Music - Sing alongs - Dancing

Language (English, Spanish and Sign Language)

Sense related activities (smell,sight, feel...)

Outdoor play


First Steps Home Childcare is filled with toys, games, musical instruments and books which stimulate learning.


We at First Steps foster all development by providing toddlers with all the tools and activities needed to grow and learn in a way that is developmentally appropriate and geared towards each child's unique personality.


Infant Care


We understand how delicate and complex the early stages of life are for an infant. Providing a warm, positive environment and establishing a relationship with the world is vital to their development.


We provide a loving and caring environment in an intimate home setting. Our infant care area is filled with toys that help your baby develop at their own pace. We offer plenty of room for movement and exploration. 


In addition to providing to your child's basic needs, infants are given heart to heart time, cuddle time which is essential to instill trust and provide a healthy emotional experience. Infants work on tummy time so they can develop strong neck and shoulder muscles which promote motor skills.


We also at First Steps are making sure each child has the ability to experience activities that will help them enhance their physical, verbal, cognitive, social and emotional skills through activities like story time, music and simple games. We help your child transition from infant to toddler.


* All programs are dependent on space availability and development of each child.


** The practice of ATTACHMENT PARENTING will NOT be accepted at anytime.





Free Play

Story Time



Clean Up







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